Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello Bearded followers,

I realize that shaving became mainstream when men in the military had to shave to get a good seal on their gas masks. But aside from that I see no use to shave?

I've heard the term, "clean shaven" too much. I have done my homework enough to know that the Beard is a much cleaner choice.

1: Wind, and sun barrier
2: Low maintenance, and saves time
3: Protects from cuts and scrapes
4: Low cost
5: No ingrown hairs
6: Soft on your partners skin

These are just some of the reasons that shaving is a must stop activity

1: Razor burn
2: Ingrown hairs
3: Knicks & Cuts
4: Cost of razors and creams
5: Time
6: 5 O'clock shadow shreds your partners skin


So as for me and my family we'll be bearding!!!

Beard up!!!

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