Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beard Length

I've been stuck at about 10" in beard length for what seems like forever. I have however grown in girth, my beard seems like it's getting thicker.
(To measure your mane, you go from the tip of your bottom lip to the tip of your beard. As per competition regulation.)

I'm having the time of my life since I started letting my beard grow. Between the people I've met and the conversations I've had about said beard.
The most frequent conversation I have is usually, "how long are you going to let your beard grow?" To which my answer has been "Let? I'm not letting my beard grow. It's doing that all on it's own. I am however not stifling it's magnificence."

I've given it a lot of thought, and I can't see myself without a glorious beard. I'm looking forward to many years with it. I hope to have a beard that inspires others to grow a grand monster beard.

Good luck with your beards gentlemen, and don't forget to thank it for being great.

Beard up!!!

Oh and make sure you let the one that loves your beard know,  you appreciate their support.

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