Monday, May 19, 2014

To trim or not to trim

      I'm not a big advocate of trimming your beard. That being said, this past weekend I did just that. I had a lot of hairs that hung lower than the rest of my beard, making it look scraggly. so I took to it with a pair of trimming scissors. I was very nervous but I made sure I did a little bit at a time, so I didn't mess it up. To say it was nerve racking is an understatement.
I started out by combing out my mane.
I then made the first cut (it hurt a little but I muscled through it).
I made small cuts in the shape I wanted my beard. (when it was uneven it wasn't that devastating)
I finished with one last trim after my shower, just to make sure everything was how I wanted it.

I think having done it myself now I'll be more comfortable doing it next time I need it.
If at any point you feel you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, STOP!!! Have a professional attend to your beard trimming needs.

I made a video of my trimming experience I'll post it soon.

Again thank you for all of your support and as always...       BEARD UP!!!

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